Day 3

Dragged armored cable to moulin, will deploy tomorrow. Camera company’s GoPro dropped down moulin, expected 65% chance of getting back


  1. I’m very happy with my Bozeman Torch sleeping bag. So warm that I had to open it a little! Not as cold as that one time on that glacier that starts
  2. I’m still trying to figure out how to lay down without my arms or legs going to sleep (the pins and needles kind not the frost bite kind)
  3. Always pack scissors. You WILL need them and NO, a knife is not a replacement, always bring scissors, especially when using zip ties
  4. When sending a GoPro down a moulin, triple knot and double check them.
  5. Carmex is a MUST
  6. Snow pants with a butt flap are bomb
  7. The women gogirl peeing things are AMAZING! I highly recommend!

Heres my location for day 3